Useful Information

a.       Weather

The average temperature in Bangladesh in March/April varies between 26°C and 28°C (79°F- 82°F); the average humidity ranges between 45 and 55%.

b.      Electricity

The power supply in Bangladesh is 220 volts, 50 Hertz. The sockets usually contain two round pins (Type C). If you have electronics that run at a lower voltage, or with different plug types, you will require a converter.

c.       Time Zone

Local time is GMT+ 6 hours.

d.      Currency & Banking Service

The official currency is the BD Taka issued in banknotes. The rate is roughly BDT 78.50 to 1 US dollar.

Where to exchange: At hotels or at the banks, information about banks can be obtained at the information desks of the hotels and the BICC.

Credit cards are widely used. However, it is advisable to carry cash and to ask if credit cards are accepted.

ATMs operate 24 hours a day and are commonly found inside major banks, western-style grocery stores and hotels.  ATM booths are also available on some busy streets. They accept most major foreign-issued cards. Withdrawal charges may apply.

e.       Important Telephone Numbers

In case of emergency call:

IPU Assembly Cell       :             +880-2-8171451; +880-1680098665

Police                            :             +880-2-9559933; +880-2-9561967

Fire Brigade                  :             +880-2-9143401

Ambulance/First Aid     :             +880-2-9112158; +880-2-8171408

f.       Mobile phones

The Bangladesh mobile network is GSM-compatible and will work with most mobile phones. Local SIM cards are available for purchase.

g.      Mail & Messages

Delegates can have their mail sent to the following address:

Parliament Cell for the 136th IPU Assembly

Tel         :         +880-2-8171 451, 8171 453

Fax        :         +880-2-8171 452

e-mail    : or

Website :

The message should mention clearly the name of the addressee as well as the Member Parliament/National Group or Organization as illustrated below:

Name              :           (Delegate’s name)

Delegation of   :           (Country)

Urgent messages may also be transmitted by phone or fax.

Delegates’ mail and messages will be placed in their respective pigeonholes, which are located at the Assembly venue.


All information on customs is available on the website of the Bangladesh customs: