English and French are the official languages of the IPU. The IPU Secretariat, provides simultaneous interpretation in its four working languages: English, French, Spanish and Arabic for the plenary sessions of the Assembly and for the sessions of the Governing Council and the four Standing Committees.

Four other interpretation channels have been reserved for Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian for the sessions of the Assembly, the Governing Council and some Standing Committee sessions. The corresponding booths are provided free of charge and may be used by the interpretation teams accompanying the parliaments concerned, should the delegations choose to do so.

Requests for additional simultaneous interpretation booths may be made directly to the Bangladesh Parliament Secretariat for the 136th IPU Assembly at the address indicated in section 15(g) and by no later than 30 January 2017. The related costs incurred must be borne by the requesting party. All such requests will be handled on a first-come-first-served basis.