VISA Requirements

(i)  All participants should have a valid passport or travel document in order to enter the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi Government plans to issue a single-entry visa, with a validity of entry-exit and duration of stay from 15 March 2017 to 15 April 2017, free of charge to all delegates to the 136th IPU Assembly, including members of Parliament attending the Assembly as participants designated by IPU Members and Associate Members; members of Parliament attending the Assembly as Observers with a view to future affiliation of the parliament in question to the IPU; members of delegations of international organizations or others bodies invited by the Governing Council to follow the work of the Assembly as Observers; IPU officials and staff taking part in the Assembly; special guests invited by the IPU on official business; and advisers, experts, Secretariat staff and accompanying persons officially attached to above-mentioned delegations and persons.

(ii)           All applicants for entry visas to Bangladesh must complete and submit their application form online at or contact a Bangladesh Embassy/Consulate accredited to their country and closed to their place of residence in order to obtain the appropriate visa (List of Bangladesh Missions Abroad Annex 2.1). Invitation letters sent directly by the Bangladesh National Assembly or by the IPU on behalf of the BangladeshNational Assembly must be attached to the visa application forms.

Delegates from countries which have signed bilateral or unilateral visa exemption agreements with Bangladesh for a length of stay not exceeding 15 days, and who wish to extend their stay until 15 April 2015, are advised to follow the visa application procedure set out above. The list of countries entitled to an exemption of entry visas to Bangladesh can be found at

(iii)          Visa applications will be processed prior to registration for the 136th IPU Assembly. In order to obtain an entry visa before travelling to Bangladesh, delegates are advised to make applications sufficiently ahead of time.

(iv)         In the exceptional case where participants cannot obtain visas prior to travel, arrangements have been made to issue visas upon arrival at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. The participants are requested to communicate their applications via e-mail, Fax or telephone, at least three weeks in advance of their arrival to the Bangladesh Parliament Secretariat for the 136thassembly for the necessary informationon how to obtain a diplomatic Note for transiting, and confirming that visas will be delivered upon arrival for airline companies to allow them to board their planes.

At international checkpoints, applicants for visa upon arrival must present the invitation letter of the Host Parliament or the IPU sent on behalf of the Host Parliament, the official Diplomatic Note confirming visa upon arrival delivery, complete the visa upon arrival application form, together with tow 4X6cm passport-size photos.

Detailed instructions on visas upon arrival Please Click Here.